The enthralling and fascinating stories of the magickal world capture the minds and hearts of fantasy lovers who are taken aback by the charm and glamour that the magickal world holds. The dreamy existence has always garnered a devoted readership for magic book series who have always expressed their love for ALL THINGS MAGICKAL! Claire Hastie brings you one such phenomenal ancient magick book story for all the fiction lovers, taking you on an adventurous ride through deep forests hiding dark secrets. The Guardians Of TheAthame will satiate your love for mythical creatures, evil whispers, tongue-twisting spells, and magickal portals transporting you to the world of magickal creatures to witness the battle between good and evil. This novel is one of Claire’s popular fantasy book series as she shares the joy of writing for your favorite genre.

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Claire Hastie was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a flair for writing with years of practice as she penned down stories from a very young age. Her incredible creativity and imagination skills have given birth to her masterpiece book, The Guardians Of TheAthame, a prequel to her fantasy book series.

A proud Scot, Claire pays homage to her Celtic roots with this amazing magic book tale for which she has created characters from British folklore. Her journey and her passion as well as her own wiccan beliefs have materialised through this gripping magickal tale. The Guardians Of TheAthame is the first instalment of the Blackhill Manor series book. The second instalment, The Missing Grimoire is due to be released soon.

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Where the light beings dwell. Hidden from the outside world, the fairy kingdom protects the forests and its magickal occupants from a damaged portal. Back in 1948, a young warlock, Edward Blackhill is thrown into the world of mythical creatures, assisting the faes in protecting the portal and an

ancientathame. Along with the light creatures, Edward reconstructs the ruins of an old manor amidst the magickal forest, devising it into a school. With the newly built Blackhill Manor, Edward begins his journey in finding the new guardians of the athame.

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Will the eleven protagonists be able to put up with the tough fight they have pledged for? Will the claim of good beating evil turn out to be true, or will it be the good who will forever have to face the brutalities of the darker forces?

There is only one way to stop all the destruction, but that requires them to develop their magickal powers and learn its proper use before setting out for the huge endeavour they barely have time for. They need an ancient magickal dagger called the Athame to win this fight against the sinister powers.

The tragedy lies in the missing crystals on the dagger that must be found for it to put the evil forces to their death bed. With time quickly running out, will the children be able to find the crystals? The twelve-year-old Luna Green be able to lead the new Guardians of the Athame to find the missing crystals before the world falls apart by the Shadow Walkers and darkness sets on it forever?!

Get your copy of the riveting tale of The Guardians of The Athame by Claire Hastie to find out how things turn out for these brave souls who are determined to save the world from the whispers of evil! This book series with magic unfolds more of the gripping tale that Claire would reveal in the sequels to come. For now, enjoy the incredible book of magic that you will surely read in one go!

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